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In the past I've used the BASIC Stamp for various things. I also am a bit of amateur gardener, so I tried to combine the two by building a small industrial control system for regulating the temperature and humidity in the temporary greenhouse I build in my basement.

Basically, the system consists of a prototyping board from Peter Anderson fitted with a Parallax Basic STAMP BS2p24 (specifically for the direct I2C support). The other important pieces of the puzzle include:

Again, there's no real science as to how all of this gets hooked up -- it's all by the Parallax BASIC Stamp "book" so to speak.

The software, generally, is pretty simple and built up mostly from code provided by Parallax. What I did was weave the sample code into something I could use.

Essentially, the code runs in a sampling loop checking the temperature and humidity, and displaying current values on the display. Having had a small greenhouse a few years, for my setup, temperature regulation is never the problem -- it's the humidity. So, the humidity is evaluated during each loop and if if exceeds a pre-selected threshold (in this case, 75%), it activates the ventilation fan until the humidity drops below 73%.




Peter Anderson (BS2 proto board):

Real-time clock (Gravitech):

Serial LCD Backpack K-107 (Wulfden):


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