Here are a few key Classic Computing Web sites belonging to friends of mine:

ClassicComp Knowledge Base -- Searchable Web site dedicated to the classic computing hobby and an offshoot of the ClassicCmp mailing list.

VCF -- Home page for the Vintage Computing Federation (formerly, Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists) Web Site. VCF is a small but growing group of East-coast retro computing hobbyists who are also members of the ClassicCmp list. -- For all things relating to the 6502 processor.


    Here are a few useful links provided by Don Smith and his summer computing class:

IT Hares Brief History of the Internet

CDW's Timeline of Computer Storage and Memory


    Here's a link provided by Sarah via Stacey Martin and the Lyndhurst STEM Club for Girls. It's a HP-sponsored virtual resource center for computer science topics. Lots of good computer history stuff there. Thanks for sending this in.

    Hewlett-Packard Computer Science Resource Center


    This link was provided by Anna via LouAnne Taylor who is an educator and part-time librarian in a shcool district in Wyoming. LouAnn runs an educational program on computer history targeted to 10-14 year old students. Thank you for sending this link. It provides a nice synopsis of the history of computer data storage media.






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